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Business development, project management and network management are core knowledge and expertise of CRN. CRN can apply its experience at the management level, in project or in cost management. Networking of CRN builds up a veritable basis to connect with other managers and companies and allows for new business contacts, cooperation, and collaborative application for support.

Business Development

  • Development of new business fields and models

  • Market and competition analysis

  • Marketing and sales support

  • Contract and negotiation support

Project Management

  • Initiation of innovative projects

  • Standard and network projects support

  • Support or takeover of responsibility and guidance

  • Safeguard of project success

Network Management

  • Mediation of business contacts

  • Coordination of strategic or project specific network cooperation

  • Realisation of applications for funding

  • Set up of teams for comprehensive tasks

Technical Due Diligence

  • Company analysis of technical skills

  • Staff analysis of technical skills

  • State-of-the-art plan analysis

  • Examination of time and management factors

  • Discover marketable values emerging during development

  • Identification of further risks and possible mitigation

  • Risk combination and review

  • Project milestones monitoring and auditing

Airborne Service

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