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Airborne RPAS Services

airspector® offers professional services through aerial flights with unmanned aerial systems (drones, UAS).

The following drone systems are used at airspector®:


  •     Multicopters, fixed wing aircraft, helicopters, airships or special systems.

airspector® works for a wide range of industries. The range of services covers:


  •     Explorations from the air, e.g. search for explosive ordnance or contaminated sites

  •     Inspections - outside and inside - of plants or structures

  •     Environmental monitoring - e.g. soil contaminations

  •     Aerial photographs and films - e.g. for your marketing purposes

  •     Monitoring of safety-related applications

  •     Surveys of terrain and buildings.

Depending on the requirements, airspector® flies with the optimal flight system, inside or outside buildings, at very low or medium altitudes, locally or over large areas, as well as within and beyond the pilot's visual range. The technology used by airspector® is determined by the task at hand.

airspector® offers you the economic implementation of your task with innovative technology on flight systems, integrated sensor technology and current evaluation procedures. airspector® delivers results in professional documentation for the solution of your problems. On request, airspector® will archive your data for monitoring purposes, for example. The use of flight systems is extremely flexible, safe, quiet, environmentally friendly and more economical than other methods. airspector® can work for you at short notice.

airspector® - The power of airbased data analysis services - your partner for services from a single source with a wide range of benefits.



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