Airborne RPAS Services

Out of one hand, we offer:


  • Measurement of buildings and ground


  • Monitoring of safety-critical infrastructures


  • Inspection of buildings (e.g. historical or sacred buildings) and tower-like buildings (e.g. chimneys, wind power plants, high-voltage power lines and masts)


  • Aerial images and videos​ ​​

  • Spraying (e.g. mountain viticulture, special crops, pest control)


  • Exploration of raw materials, Unexploded

      Ordnance (UXO) and Waste Deposits

Multicopter, fixed wing, VTOL-fixed wing, helicopter and  specialised RPAS are utilized.

These platforms are deployed to achieve measurement result with cameras in the visible light, UV and IR, hyperspectral cameras, laser scanners, magnetometers and radiometers.

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