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Network Management

Demands on businesses are becoming more numerous and more challenging. New business ideas can hardly be implemented alone anymore. CRN Management provides you with targeted contacts, task-oriented networks, and leads responsible cooperation efforts.

1. Network ideas

  • Benefits must be concrete and promising to find suitable partners

2. Search of matching partner

  • Partner profiles and requirements for required experts must be defined carefully

  • Potentials must be identified systematically as well as analyzed and evaluated


  • Mediation of trusted business contacts is a key success factor in establishing strategic networks

     3. Establish strategic networks

  • Set up of networks with promising future good prospects

  • Cross-border thinking and planning

      5. Utilize successful networks

  • Coordination of strategic or project-specific collaborative and cooperation projects


  • Realization of sponsorship project


  • Establishing collective F&E  projects


  • Teaming up to make proposals or execute projects

         4. Initiation of collaborative projects and cooperation

  • Prepare networks to gain strategic positions in competition

  • Define management rules between partners


  • Definition of income and risk sharing in the very beginning as basis for a successful network

  Our references and expertise
  • Establishment of a network of association in the aviation and space travel

  • Initiation of and support for the network of space –Small and Medium Enterprises          


  • Research and implementation of the formation of virtual companies in the aerospace supply chain for customer orders


  • Support of an alliance for an innovative satellite system


  • Teaming for ZIM research projects


  • Teaming of experts to find single-source solutions to challenges

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53113 Bonn


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