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Business Development

Identifying and seizing business opportunities have become vital activities in an ever growing and changing business environment. Tapping into new business areas, constantly developing the company, as well es continuously implementing improvement and growth processes are now essential tasks. 

Creation of new business models and areas

  • Analysis of a company’s position


  • Identification of potentials and need for action


  • Generation of business cases

Business environment, market- and competition analysis

  • Company / product specific analyses


  • National and international market development


  • Generation of market analyses

Marketing, sales and proposal support

  • Generation of marketing and sales concepts​​​​​


  • Active sales support (also via own network)​​


  • Generation of proposal parts with quality assurance

Contract and negotiation support

  • Preparation of negotiations

  • Participation (active or passive) in negotiations

  • Design of contracts, contract analysis

  Our References and Experiences
  • Extensive experience in the development of complex – national and international - military technologies, products, and services


  • Design of modern forms of cooperation between armed forces and industry via outsourcing and cooperation projects (PFI and PPP)


  • Well-founded and up-to-date knowledge of national and international defence and security challenges, strategies and objectives


  • Specific knowledge of military reform process, planning, organizational structures and procedures, as well as on customer/contractor interfaces


  • Extensive knowledge of tendering and contracting procedures and associated implementations


  • Specific knowledge in bid preparation of national/international invitations to tender

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