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SQUID - Magnetometer and UAS ... a world premiere!

On February 23, 2018, the functionality of a Full-Tensor-Magnetometer in conjunction with an unmanned helicopter was successfully tested in a trial flight at Jena-Schöngleina landing strip.

The Magnetometer, based on SQUID (superconducting-quantum-interference-detector), was developed by SUPRACON AG (Jena) in collaboration with IPHT (Leibnitz-Institut für Physikalische Hochtechnologie) for use in resource exploration. It was integrated into the DRAGONFLY DF-M35 by AVEOX Unmanned Systems GmbH (Runkel) and after extensive ground testing took its first test flight – a true world premiere.

Due to the DRAGONFLY’s high payload capacity of 35 kg and long flight duration of over one hour, the engine-driven unmanned helicopter, built on the Flettner-Double-Rotor-System, is an ideal carrier platform for the Magnetometer, which has been previously integrated into manned airplanes and helicopters.

In comparison to commercial-manned carrier platforms, combining the SQUID-Magnetometer’s sensitivity and the advantages of unmanned flight systems has many benefits. Data quality is higher, due to the low flight altitude, and economic advantages (e.g. costs per flight hour) should also not be dismissed.

These activities (incl. flight permit), organized and coordinated by CRN Management GmbH (Bonn) should lead to fresh business potential in the global and newly regrowing market sector of airborne resource exploration. ​

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